Karma: No True Success is Everlasting Without Integrity and Honesty

“If you can’t help others, at least don’t hurt them.”

I don’t believe anyone can claim to have succeeded in life with no damage done to self or others either intentionally or unintentionally. Success will come and go, but integrity is everlasting. Integrity means making a pledge to yourself to do the right thing no matter the circumstances and no matter what the consequences will be. Honesty and integrity are innate, but it takes years to build the courage to use them. Your reputation can be lost in a second if you lack these traits. So never allow yourself to do anything that would damage you or others.

We live in an ever-changing world where integrity is often brushed aside to make way to important deals. A world where “rationalization” has become normal behavior. Salespeople compromise their integrity in the name of making their quota. Executives inflate their projected earnings in fear of being fired.  Job candidates are lying during their interviews hoping to get the position. Shady deals are made by so-called businessmen every day with no respect for the ones they are stiffing. Government and elected officials trading stock for classified information. Cheating spouses are making up stories to keep their already devastated marriages afloat.

The list goes on and on — and in each case — the person committing the act of dishonesty has used rationalization. They told themselves they had an honest and valid reason their action justified their lack of integrity and honesty.

People can gain power by cutting corners without the limitations of morality. Dishonest and mindless action may provide instant gratification, but it will carry a price in the long run. Dishonest successful people may continue to rationalize (rational-lies) for years, they win without getting caught, creating therefore a false perception of the path to success that one should follow. This momentary outcome comes with a heavy price to pay which will add to their karmic debt.

Now, I’m not saying that you are one of these guys (and if you are) you can redeem yourself. Every word we say, every decision we make and every action we take, carries its equal load in karmic debt. Being conscious of what you owe to the universe, to yourself or others will allow you to pay it off before it becomes impossible to resolve.  Thus, you need to learn how to forgive yourself or others. When you realize that you may have said or done something that hurt another, you need to acknowledge your action and make amend.

Here is an exercise I like to do yearly to pay my karmic debts off:

•          Write or call people you think were offended or hurt by your actions.

•          Pay off your financial debts.

•          Schedule a yearly medical check-up.

•          Visit out-of-town family when it’s safe to do so.

When you do this exercise, you’ll feel emotionally renewed and unstuck allowing the universe to work on your behalf. Your life will flow in the right direction. Your integrity will be intact again, and you’ll manifest all the wonderful things you desire for yourself and your loved ones.

Now that I have shared this awareness, I hope that you will use its rather important wisdom.

Nordine Zouareg

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