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How Love Can Cure Us of Fear and Anxiety

Love is not conditional; give me that and I’ll give you this.

Love is not attachment or clinging; I can’t live without you.

Here is a classic, tough love: There is no tough love; I love you, that’s why I’m hurting you! It’s a manipulative tactic based solely on fear and ego. Love is love. It’s not tough or weak.

Love doesn’t hurt. Ego does!

Love is not fear!

Love is often described as a feeling, but I like to think of it as a state of being, of being happy and mindful. It’s about being present in the moment and savoring all the little things that make life so wonderful. When you love, everything seems brighter and more beautiful. You’re more aware of the good in people and the world around you. Love heals because it brings inner peace.

Fear, however, is an emotion that we all feel at one point or another. It is a natural response to a perceived threat and can help us stay safe from harm. However, fear can also become excessive and cause anxiety, hate, depression, and even violence. Fear blinds us; it inhibits our ability to resolve conflict and to have clarity, and often it leads to disastrous outcomes. When we’re afraid, we see darkness instead of light. In contrast, love is an emotion that helps us to feel happy and connected to others. Love is the opposite of fear because it fills us with positive emotions and allows us to see the good in people and situations. When we love, we are more likely to be kind, patient, and forgiving. We see light instead of darkness.

Love inspires you. There are many instances where love saved my life. With love, I was able to create so many beautiful and amazing experiences. It allowed me to get up and fight when I was down. To see things and people with a different and more compassionate outlook.

Love drives you to become the best version of YOU! It is the fuel that fuels your desire to keep going, keep living, keep loving, and keep creating.

Love is everything! Without it, we are depleted and unable to move on to better experiences.

Love is a dance where the dancer and the dance become one.

So next time you’re feeling afraid and alone, remember that love is the opposite of fear and try to focus on the things that make you feel happy.

If everyone could just surrender to love, I believe the world would be a much better place.

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