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How Can I Create Happiness? 3 Powerful Tips To Live by Design, Not by Default

We all have this important choice to make. We can either live by design or by default. Living by design means that we actively make choices that lead us toward our desired life goals. It means taking control of our lives and creating our own destinies. Living by default means letting life happen to us with no direction or purpose. We simply go with the flow and let others decide for us. This, my friends, can often lead to extreme dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Indeed, it’s up to each of us to decide how we want to live our lives. Which means making choices that will lead us toward the life we want to live.

So, which do you choose? Do you want to take control of your life and create your own happiness? Or do you want to let life happens to you and hope for the best? Well, the choice is yours to make.

To help you with your commitment to making changes and creating a life by design, I’m sharing the following three tips.


We all have the choice to be happy or unhappy. I can hear you whisper: Easier said than done! And I agree to disagree; it’s a mindset you’ve been used to. However, it’s time to switch to a more positive outlook on life. If we want to live by design, we need to make a conscious choice to be happy. No one and nothing can make you happy, and that’s a fact that’s hard to swallow, I know! Yes, momentary happiness can be achieved with outside elements such as worldly feelings or material, but true and long-lasting happiness is only possible by seeking none of that.

Hence, the very instant you compare yourself to others’ life situations, you cease to be happy. The instant you look for happiness, you cease to be happy. Looking for happiness elsewhere than within you is like looking for your glasses while wearing them on your head. Therefore, it’s important to take responsibility for our own happiness. Believe me, I know!


If you want to live by design, you need to conceive and set goals. Believe in their achievement by working toward them. Do what it takes! This means taking action steps that will lead you closer to your desired outcomes. And it also means having faith in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals.


One of the best things you can do if you want to live by design is to live in the present moment, which is what’s available to you now. This means being mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, as they control every step of the way. It also means letting go of past negative experiences and embracing the good that is happening right now. That is a crucial step if you want to experience happiness.

Here you have it! When you live by design, you take control of your life and create your own destiny. You make choices that lead you toward your desired life goals. You set goals and work toward them. And you live in the present moment, mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Taking these steps will help you achieve greater happiness and satisfaction in life.

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