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Nordine Zouareg

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When you’re hosting an event, you need a passionate and enigmatic speaker who will light a fire in your audience. You want your audience to leave your event ready to take on the world!

Nordine doesn’t deliver your run-of-the-mill, one-size-fits-all talks. Instead, he customizes each speaking engagement for each audience. As a result, his talks are intuitive and engaging. Nordine won’t tell your audience what they’re doing wrong or how they should do their jobs. Instead, he’ll give them insight into why they aren’t performing at their best, along with key tools that will maximize their performance and productivity.

Nordine’s passionate ability to engage his audience with relatable stories, well-researched and in-depth information, and profound “aha!” moments set him apart from other speakers in the industry. His authority comes from overcoming physical, mental, and emotional challenges in his own life along with his extensive experience consulting with over 10,000 top CEOs, celebrities, global politicians, business executives, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

Companies hire Nordine because they know he will deliver a talk that will ignite a passion in their staff. Through his talks, Nordine can transform an entire company’s culture. Whether he’s speaking to a room of 10 or 1,000 people, Nordine has an innate ability to connect with his audience and deliver the powerful tools they need to succeed.

Nordine’s Speaking Topics

  • Bully Victims & Self-Worth

Behind Every Weak Child Lays an Incredible Force. For most of his childhood, Nordine Zouareg, has gone from being bullied, beaten, and almost killed by schoolmates and teachers alike. He suffered illness as a baby and as a young child. With poor self-esteem, anxiety, and no self-worth to speak of, Nordine knows why bullies are so cruel and dangerous. In this talk, participants will discover how Nordine not only survived a hostile and dangerous environment but also how he used his experience to turn his life around and go from a skinny and fearful kid to a World Champion, Mr. Universe, Best-Selling Author, and Celebrity Coach.

  • Your Life is Now®

Everything You Need is Already Within You. Within you lies the capacity to shape your future and create a life full of meaning. Embrace this opportunity with true awareness, recognizing that so many are stuck in an endless cycle of negative habits—it’s time to break free! With powerful tools at hand, it’s possible to reclaim inner peace and be restored with love, health, and joy.

  • Create Your Optimum State of InnerFitness®

There Can Be No Lasting Fitness Without InnerFitness®. A talk on creating energy and sustaining work/life balance. No true fitness can be possible without InnerFitness®. Nordine Zouareg has spent decades teaching methods to create equilibrium in one’s life. Elevate your lifestyle to a higher level of achievement.


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