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The Key to Lasting Weight Loss is All in Your Head!

When we think of weight loss, we focus on the physical side — how many calories we need, how much weight we need to shed, what exercises to use, and how much time we must spend at the gym to hit our goals. In his best-selling book Mind Over Body, former world bodybuilding champion and international high-performance coach Nordine Zouareg reveals the connection between mental motivation and weight loss results. Nordine has helped thousands around the world find health, happiness, and harmony in their everyday lives. In the process, he’s discovered something astounding: the mental and emotional work his clients do before they start changing their physical behavior— is far more important.

In Mind Over Body, Nordine describes how everyone can find their own inspiration and motivation and then master the tools needed to keep on track with any goals. In the book, he introduces readers to his 4 Steps From Knowing to Doing groundbreaking method and outlines effective nutritional and exercise programs developed to help create a fit body and a clear mind.



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